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Lorraine Lucas is a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician, promoter, educator and composer based in the South East of England who draws inspiration from her observations of the world and the human condition in all it’s magnificence and frailty.

She is a self taught musician and vocalist who fell into live performing and writing as a by product if picking up a guitar when she quit smoking and boozing at 29. “ it’s a no brainer...carry on with my hedonistic lifestyle, lose everything and most probably die or stop and do something safer to get my kicks and increase my risks of not dying. On reflection this guitar saved my life I guess”,

She draws inspiration from Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Hank Williams I and III, Townes Van Zandt, Delta Blues such as Mississippi John Hurt, Rev Gary Davis, Leadbelly,Doc Watson, Cowboy Junkies, The Delines, John Murry to name just a few.
“I grew up with my older brothers diverse musical influences in the 70’s ..everything from londie to Dylan, Bob Segar, Led Zep, Leonard Cohen, Captain Beefheart, ...just too many..and I’m really grateful to him however he used to hide the stylus fro. His record player so that I couldn’t play his precious vinyl but I found it under the floorboards of his bedroom so listening to music was a dangerous activity but I loved the mixture of the adrenalin and euphoria involved in listening to music.

I spent a lot if time in my old grandma’s house when I was a kid and she loved music too.
I first heard Hank Williams Luke The Drifter and would play it on repeat fascinated with his stories and the album cover. I also played the same Elvis Presley records my dad had listened to when he was a young teenager. Hank Williams,  Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. Wow.
I still get the same buzz from music today as i did then and I travel hundreds of miles for that hit either going to someone else’s gig or playing one of mine. I am addicted. No doubt about it. If the music very soul and purpose in life goes too",
Throughout her career, she has shared the stage with amongst others Paul Clifford ( Be Good Tanyas/Groanbox/Afro-Cubism) , Michael Ward-Bergeman ( Groanbox/ Jackson Street Allstars/St Louis Symphony Orchestra) Dean Owens, Michael Messer, Robbie McIntosh ( Sir Paul McCartney/The Pretenders) Bruce MacGregor ( Blazing Fiddles) Paul Fitzgerald ( The Coal Porters).
An avid and prolific songwriter she has co-written with and continues to work at her craft with Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith and she also curates the annual Folkestone Songwriting Festival And runs songwriting sessions with marginalised groups helping them tell their story through music.
She has recorded two albums of original songs ..Loves Executioner which was produced by Paul Clifford from Be Good Tanyas and Groanbox in 2010 and her latest album Messenger released in 2018 and produced by Tali Trow.
She has performed live extensively throughout the UK and more recently in mainland Europe.

June 2019.


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